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Cider by the glass

9,00 pln

Unfiltered cider 30cl

From Lublin, light, sweet, still, cloudy

10,00 pln

Classic filtered cider 30cl

From Lublin, clear, sweet, light

12,00 pln

Perry Cider 30cl

From Lublin, perry flavour, sweet, slightly sparkling

18,00 pln

Ice cider 15cl

From Lublin, sweet, still, very sweet, still, gold medalist

Cocktails with cider

22,00 pln

Havana Cydr

Filtered cider, Passoa liquer, Lychee Syrup

24,00 pln

Bitter Cydr

Filtered cider, strawberry liquer, bitter

27,00 pln


Filtered cider, Jagermeister, honey syrup

25,00 pln

Fire Chocolate Cydr

Filtered cider, Grant’s, Creme de Cassis, Bitter

25,00 pln

London Cydr

Filtered cider, Beefeater gin, lavenda syrup

Bottled Cider

12,00 pln

Cydr Perry 33cl

From Lublin, pressed from Konferencja pears, sweet

12,00 pln

Sopocki 33cl

From Sopot, slightly sour, semi sweet, semi sparkling

12,00 pln

Strongbow 33cl

From UK, semi sweet& sour, clear, semi dry

12,00 pln

Cydr Bursztynowy 33cl

From Kaliskie, sparkling, intensive amber colour

15,00 pln

Cydr Ignaców 27,5cl

From Ignaców, blended with different types of apples, dry

12,00 pln

Cydr Kujawski 27,5cl

From Wielkopolska region, pressed from red vine apples, slightly sweet&sour

15,00 pln

Cydr Wini Jabłkowy 33cl

From Mazowieckie region, craft cider, semi sweet, sparkling

Big Bottle Cider

70,00 pln

Cydr Lodowy 50cl

From Lublin, sweet, still, very sweet, still, gold medalist

55,00 pln

Cydr Stary Sad 75cl

From Małopolskie region, blend of old varieties of apples, unfiltered, semi dry

55,00 pln

Cydr Grochówka 75cl

From Małopolskie region, pressed Grochówka apples, cloudy, semi sweet

40,00 pln

Cydr Wyspowy 75cl

From Małopolskie region, made from fresh apple juice, cloudy, semi sweet

50,00 pln

Cydr Miodowy 100cl

From Lublin, sweetened with buckwheat honey, slightly sweet&sour

55,00 pln

Cydr Niefiltrowany Młody 100cl

From Lublin, limited edition, from 7 apple varieties, cloudy, semi sweet

40,00 pln

Cydr Sadowski 100cl

From Wielkopolskie region, slightly sparkling, from Champions apples, semi sweet
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