19,00 pln

Marinated herring with apple mousse

34,00 pln

Beef tartare with roasted capers, Dijon mustard and a parmesan chip


32,00 pln

Kale with caramelised nuts and smoked cottage cheese

28,00 pln

Crisp lettuce with broad beans, anchovies and mangoes


22,00 pln

Amber soup with calamari and saffron

18,00 pln

Cream of cucumber with camembert and croutons

17,00 pln

Duck consommé with meat ravioli


30,00 pln

Penne with truffle paste and herbs

38,00 pln

Pappardelle with seafood and herbs

29,00 pln

Spinach gnocchi with sage, cherry tomatoes and pecorino

Main Dishes

39,00 pln

Duck fillet with pearl barley and red cabbage puree

35,00 pln

Homestead-raised chicken on a velvety asparagus sauce with thyme and vegetable gratin

74,00 pln

Beef sirloin in pepper sauce with potatoes

69,00 pln

Halibut with hollandaise sauce, spring vegetables and parsley puree

69,00 pln

Baked sea bass with caper-and-lime dressing and tossed salad

65,00 pln

Pikeperch on spinach with crayfish and risotto

49,00 pln

Vendace fried in garlic-thyme butter with red onion cream served with potatoes


20,00 pln

Chocolate cake with rhubarb sorbet and mint sauce

18,00 pln

Pistachio ice cream with raspberries

20,00 pln

Salty caramel and meringue tart