Cold starters

25,00 pln

Dill-cured salmon with lime, beetroot & cider sorbet

34,00 pln

Beef carpaccio with truffle mascarpone, rocket and dried tomatoes

Hot starters

26,00 pln

Veal dumplings with saffron butter

34,00 pln

Chanterelle mushrooms with crayfish necks in cream


16,00 pln

Caramelised celeriac soup with coconut and cider foam

16,00 pln

White cabbage cream soup with dill purée and smoked bacon

18,00 pln

Mushroom broth with black lentils and porcini mushroom

22,00 pln

Bouillabaisse- fish soup with calamari


23,00 pln

Marinated vegetable salad with smoked white cheese

28,00 pln

Mixed lettuce with chilli beef and parmesan

Main Dishes

34,00 pln

Pork tenderloin with honey demi-glace sauce, caramelised pear and a parsley purée

39,00 pln

Duck fillet with pearl barley groats on a red cabbage purée

47,00 pln

Wild boar cutlet with porcini mushrooms, plums and a buckwheat fondant

74,00 pln

Beef tenderloin in a pepper sauce with potato

39,00 pln

Pike with vegetables and our own parsley-infused olive oil

42,00 pln

Steamed salmon braid with cabbage, chanterelle mushrooms and risotto

45,00 pln

Cod loins with porcini mushrooms and shallots on root vegetables


32,00 pln

Tagliatelle with chorizo, shrimps, mussels, calamari and parmesan

32,00 pln

Pappardelle in a porcini mushroom and truffle sauce with cherry tomatoes and parmesan


16,00 pln

Crème brûlée with apple mousse

20,00 pln

Cider-poached pears with vanilla sauce

23,00 pln

Hazelnut mousse with honey